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Adult Baby / Diaper Lover Videos

Understanding Adult Babies & Diaper Lovers, Explained.
The first video I ever filmed on this topic.

I was VERY scared.

Sadness and Depression, Adult Babies / Diaper Lovers

The second video I wanted to focus on the emotional/mental issues that can come up.

What An Adult Baby Wants

In this video I show off my singing skills... sort of... The introduction is pretty awesome and pretty much explains how I am feeling. "Tired of being afraid" "I just wanna be myself" The main portion of the video is very short but I liked the effect. The answer to the question really was a simple one. AB's want to feel little.


Assurance Boxers Incontinence Product Review

Yes... It's a product review I am an open and honest person so when I review anything I am going to be straight up about it. I will be doing more reviews but I really haven't had extra money to spend on anything. In fact, I have only ever had enough money for store bought diapers. /Sadface

AB/DL Documentary of one (Covers a lot of topics.)

An attempt to cover a whole mess of topics related to AB/DL. Caution: It is very long!


Accept Yourself Little One!

I figured it was time to deal with how hard it can be for an AB to let they're little side out. This video represents the inner turmoil that we bring upon ourselves.


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