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"Terethian" which is on purpose so you aren't connected with anything "babymitchy" when you donate. I will not contact you unless you give me permission. I consider you someone that wishes to remain completely anonymous otherwise.

I know... I know... It's a horrible thing to ask of someone, but I am a really poor person... (I am considered the working poor.) I have even gladly accepted boxes of canned food already. But enough of the sob story!

I will accept all kinds of donations and you can feel free to be creative! I hope to really get into review videos which means you can donate pretty much anything you would like me to review.

Of course, this web site does cost me money and I have more video ideas than I can afford costumes and props to film. So monetary donations are very cool as well. I will personally thank you for anything you are able to do so feel free to click the CONTACT button above if you need to get in touch with me about donations etc.

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$75.00! (WOW!)

$115.00 / $300.00
(For Current Project)

Can you help other ways?

Sadly, after much thought I have decided to accept YouTube's offer of advertisements. I dislike ads, but you can help me by viewing these videos and respective ads. The deals are different and I do not know which ads pay per view and which ones are by clicking... that is for YouTube to know and me to always wonder. But you can watch certain videos and click ads you are interested in which will help me... (YouTube Adsense will send me money for these ads.... eventually.)

The following links are videos I can receive money from ads: