Well.. Is this a monthly update or what!!!!??? I've been busy with my crappy job lately for one thing. It's crazy how I make an AB/DL related video and have tons of hits, but when I try to do something else It's kind of ignored.



Just saying!!!!


Anyways, I am working on a review for two games right now: Bad Dudes on NES and Sword of Shannara PC DOS game.Oh... just wait till you hear about that one. I did manage to get one donation so far which is pretty cool. I picked up some plastic pants which I needed!! But I do hope I can get some more down the road... I need money for materials for props for videos!!! I know I sound like a broken record here. Anyways.... in the words of Riley:


Stay Diapered!




Gleesh! It took me a long time to get around to working on the site. Sorry about that! Well, I've been busy with work lately. Been some really hard times with management changes and uptight employees that aren't able to relax and take a joke. I really hate the retail world. It's so stuck up.... I miss production line work sometimes but I quit my old job because I needed a change. I don't want to spend my life making some stupid product....


I want to help people.... you know?

I want my life to be about helping people. I may be incredibly poor now but somehow I will find a way to change the world and

help people.


Well, it's another day and this sure is a dark and gloomy web site we have going on eh? I just hope it's the darkness before the dawn! I added some pictures today and began working on transferring videos to this site so I don't have to rely on You-tube.

Tomorrow is another day off so I hope to get some new content done!