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Download: Quest Maker 2004





After downloading the main setup you still don't have the latest version... Here is the patch for the most up to date version 5.9. DOWNLOAD PATCH
Quest Maker 2004 is an old Visual Basic program I made which allows you to create your own simple CYOA type of game. The game consists of pages, you can think of them as rooms if you like. The player reads the page and is then able to choose from different options. The choices the player makes will then send them to different pages or "rooms."


The use of "Key items" allows the player to access different options. For instance, you could have a locked door and the option to open that door will only be visible if you have the key which was found in a different page/room. A battle system was in the works but is not completed.


I have made TWO games myself (years ago) but I noticed some major flaws that need to be fixed before I can re-release them.



I challenge YOU to make a game with this. Maybe this is a silly challenge nobody cares about, but if you do it I will feature your game here!