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Kings Quest VII Pt. 1

Kings Quest VII Pt. 2

Final Fantasy VII Pt. 1

Final Fantasy VII Pt. 2


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NES Marble Madness / Dragon Warrior 2 / Double Dragon

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The day after...

Only one person came in for the stream... my friend Alex. I guess I was all nervous for nothing! I was REALLY nervous. I was chatting with him through the twitch dashboard/chat room while playing. I did Marble Madness, Dragon Warrior 2 and Double Dragon since each of those games both had 2 or more votes.


I was counting on Alex to help me get the audio right but I see now that the game audio was REALLY quiet. Which is very ODD because it was plenty loud for me. =(


The audio quality of the headset was poor and I had hoped to mask it to a degree with the game music but... alas... I failed.


BUT!!! It was a first attempt. I will get better.... and sound better... I promise!


The top vote above is for the classic NES game that I will be playing, LIVE on 4-20-2013. Check back very soon for the exact time and details on additional live streams... A full schedule will be posted here VERY soon!


The live broadcast will be located at:


Bookmark it now! Check back soon for updates and news!